General Questions

What is Strolln’Smile?

Strolln’Smile is an online marketplace that portrays to travelers, with transparency and convenience, the excellent and affordable dental care services available to locals. Thus we create the trust so that travelers can benefit from excellent, no hassle dental care; while local dentals receive patients from other countries thus promoting their communities as dental destinations by excellence.

How does Strolln’Smile work?

Registered dentals with the capability to offer dental services to English-speaking patients have their facilities and services portrayed in our marketplace. Travelers and anyone willing to invest a few hours in their dental health can choose from all available options the dental of their preference. After booking an appointment, and receiving the service, patients leave their feedback thus guaranteeing that quality of service is regarded as a top priority by our affiliate dentals.

What does Strolln’Smile do?

We let travelers easily find out about the location, facilities, credentials, and cost of the services at different dentals, so that they can make a booking at their convenience. We increase the exposure of local dentals to foreign travelers through our website and through alliances with travel agencies, organizations, and online promotion.

Why should I use Strolln’Smile?

If you are in need of some dental work, or if you can spare a couple hours of your time and invest them in your dental health taking advantage of the highly competitive prices you will find in Ecuador, all of our affiliates will welcome you to their dentals, and provide a service in english so that your needs are understood. They will make you experience top quality dental care and be an important part of your travel experience.

Do I need to create an account?

If you are a potential patient, you don’t have to create an account. However, if you want to book an appointment from our site, it is necessary that you create an account. If you are a dental, it is mandatory that you open an account with us.

Is it free to list my dental?

No, you must become an affiliate to be listed in our marketplace. You and your personnel must demonstrate that you can provide dental care to a patient in English and be willing to work with us under our policies of transparency and professional care. The service fee for bookings is free. We are the most cost effective and continual revenue generating platform for dentals.

What countries do you support?

At this moment we are only working in Ecuador. Expanding to other cities in Latin America soon.

Who started Strolln’Smile?

Strolln’Smile was strated by two Ecuadorian entrepreneurs passionate about creating bonds and experiences between local professionals and travelers. The idea was to leverage the professionalism of ecuadorean dentists, and the important number of travelers who could use affordable dental care.