Why Strolln'Smile?

We have created a marketplace to promote trust between high-quality dentals, highly qualified dentists, and international travelers, to facilitate access to affordable, outstanding dental care in Ecuador.

We ensure that at the dental of your choosing, professionals will treat you in English and dental staff who understand your needs and whose mission is to offer you comfort and solutions to your dental needs.

We let you rate and review the dental services, and also let you communicate with the dental of your choosing before and after your appointment. Through our platform we ensure that you are informed before, confident during, and happy after your dental appointment.

Make wise use of your time and money

Save on dental treatment taking advantage of top-quality dental treatment prices and low-cost for treatments that do not require surgery or complex diagnoses.


We let you choose the location and features of the dental that is more adequate for your needs. We offer you transportation and special assistance if needed.

Easy payment and transaction

Pay with your credit card, paypal, and you’re set.

*Expanding to other cities in Latin America soon.

Competitive prices

Prices offered by our associate dentals are between one tenth and one fourth of those offered in North America, even with dental insurance. Rates will match those of services available to locals.

Easy scheduling

Book in advance through our no-hassle platform. Appointments should take no more than two hours of your time.