StrollnSmile Terms of Service

StrollnSmile is an online marketplace that allows you to discover and book dentals. Please read our service agreement carefully below prior to using our marketplace and it’s services as it governs your use of our platform.

Services Agreement

This StrollnSmile Services Agreement (“Agreement”) is a contract between StrollnSmile, LLC. (“StrollnSmile” or “we”) and the person(s) that are registered with StrollnSmile (“user” or “you”). This Agreement describes the terms and conditions that apply to your use of the StrollnSmile marketplace to book or list dentals or other dentals services through our website or apps, and governs your dental for other users; and establishes the obligations owed between you and StrollnSmile, and between you and other users.

Throughout this Agreement, the term “Service” means the service allowing you to book dental or offer your dental and dental services to others through our website or apps (the “Platform”). The term Service does not include any services provided by third parties.

A “Dental” is the physical space or dental that is made available to any person to use during specific times, and subject to specific Fees and any site-specific terms or limitations. A dental may “List” a dental by providing certain details about the dental including availability, pricing, and terms or limitations of use; this posting about a dental is called a “Listing.”

A person may “Book” a dental appoinment by accepting the times, fees, and any additional services or limitations of the Listing. A “Booking” is (i) only the grant of a limited, temporary, revocable license to use a dental, and (ii) if applicable, a contract for dental Services, in the manner, for the time, and subject to all restrictions provided, subject to this Agreement, and as confirmed through the Platform. The scope of the use, including times, specific fees, and other additional terms or limitations, constitutes a “Booking Agreement” that incorporates the terms and conditions of this Agreement and referenced policies.

If you have questions about this Agreement, please contact us at Your use of the Platform or Services constitutes your ongoing acceptance of this Agreement, as amended.

Section 1: General Terms

1.1 Services

StrollnSmile provides you access to Services through the Platform. You may access the Platform through our website or apps. You may use the Service to List dentals, Book dental appoinment, communicate with other users, and access your Account.

You may also be permitted to Book dental Services (“Dental Services”) through third-party service providers or through the dental listing, which may require you to agree to additional terms or conditions.

We are continuously improving the Platform or Service for all users and reserve the right to make changes at any time. Changes we make to the Platform or Service, including discontinuing certain features, affect all users and we try to minimize disruption to users. However, these changes may affect users differently. We are not responsible if any specific changes we make to the Platform or Service adversely affect how you use them.

1.2 Your Account

Before using the functionality of our Platform or Services, you must create an account with StrollnSmile (“Account”) and provide us with information about yourself or your company. We may ask that you update your Account or provide additional or different information at any time. This includes requiring additional details about dentals. Any employees, contractors, or third-parties opening a new or using an existing account (collectively, “Agents”) represent and warrant that they have authorization to act on behalf of a person or entity they claim to represent; and if such authorization is not provided by the person or entity, such Agents acknowledge personal liability for all obligations and liabilities arising from or related to use of the Account by such Agents.

You will be required to provide an email address and password to keep your Account secure (“Credentials”), and agree to keep your Credentials private and secure. You are responsible for any actions taken on your Account using your Credentials whether or not authorized or taken by Agents to List or Book a dental or dental Services. You are solely responsible for the actions or communications of your Agents. We are not responsible for and disclaim all liability for use of your Account by your Agents.

When creating or using your Account, you may be required to provide information about yourself or your dental. You will only provide Content to us that you own or have authorization to provide, and ensure that Content is accurate and complete. You must keep any Content current, including your contact or payment information. We reserve the right, but shall not be obligated, to use public and private data sources to validate the accuracy of any Content. This may include validating your identity or business information, or verifying information about dental. You will provide us any additional information to verify the accuracy or completeness of any Content that you provide and we may condition your use of the Platform or Service on our ability to verify the accuracy and completeness of this Content. If you do not provide required Content to us as and when we request it, we may suspend or terminate your Account.

If you are not at least 18 years old, you may not open an Account, access the Platform, or use the Services. Users (including Agents) who use the Services or the Platform to List or Book dentals, dental Services on behalf of individuals under 18 years old, or provide access or use of dental by individuals under 18 years old, accept personal liability for all acts or omissions of such individuals.

You may close your Account at any time by emailing us at You are responsible for all activity associated with your Account made before it is closed including payment of Fees, Taxes, or other Payments; providing use of dentals to Artists as previously Booked; or other liabilities caused by or resulting from use of the Platform or Service. You understand that we may retain Content and continue to display and use any public Content (including reviews of dentals) provided to us prior to closing your Account.

At our sole option, we may suspend or terminate your Account.

1.3 Compliance with Laws

As used in this Agreement, “Laws” means all applicable state, local, and other governmental laws, regulations, ordinances, codes, rules, court orders, and all recorded and unrecorded private contract, restrictions, covenants and other agreements . You will comply with all Laws applicable to your use of the dental, Services, Platform, dental Services, whether as a dental or user. While we may provide information to help you understand certain obligations of using or listing dentals, we are not authorized to provide and do not provide any legal advice. You are solely responsible for your compliance with Laws and may only use the Platform or Service in compliance with applicable Laws. If you are unsure how to comply with Laws, you should seek legal advice related to Listing or Booking a dental.

1.4 Fees and Taxes

(a) Fees, Overtime. You are responsible for payment of fees, expenses, and other amounts related a to subscription (“Fees”). Fees include amounts paid to StrollnSmile. StrollnSmile receives Fees for providing use of the Service. Please review the dental individually listed cancellation policy on their Listing prior to submitting a Booking request. You should contact dentals through the Platform before Booking if you don’t understand the Fees listed or their cancellation policy that will be applicable. Please email us at at any time if you do not understand Fees or have questions regarding them.

If you use a dental beyond the Booking you will be responsible for payment of additional Fees (“Additional Fees”) at the dentals discretion.

1.5 Receiving Payment

Acceptance and payment of funds between dentals and StrollnSmile you must provide accurate and complete information about you and your business. StrollnSmile does not store any payment information on its systems and shall not have any responsibility for the safety or security of that information

We may change or add other payment processing services at any time upon notice to you, which may be subject to additional terms or conditions.

1.6 Communication and Notices

We may communicate with you and provide you information or notices regarding your Account or transactions through email or through messaging on the Platform. You will promptly respond to any communications you receive and understand that failure to do so may impact your ability to Book or List dentals, or use the Platform or Services.

We may send you notices to the email address or physical address included in your Account, through messaging on the Platform. You may send any notices to us at You agree that any email notice from us is considered accepted by you one day after such notice was sent and will have the same legal effect as if it were physically delivered to you.

You agree to receive any communications from us and transact with us electronically. This acceptance of emails or other electronic messages constitutes your consent and your electronic signature has the same legal effect as physically signing a document. You may withdraw this consent to transact electronically at any point by providing notice to us. However, given that electronic communication is integral to the Platform and the Services, following any such notice we may elect to close your Account.

If you have problems communicating receiving messages, please first please contact us at

1.7 Communication with Other Users

The Platform allows you to communicate with other users without disclosing sensitive personal contact information. It is your responsibility to use good judgment in the information you provide to other users. You may use the Platform only to List or Book dentals Services, communicate with us or other users, resolve disputes, or use other functionality we provide to you through the Platform. You may not use the Platform to send messages that are unwanted or unrelated to a Listing or Booking through the Platform, use the Platform to harass or attempt to market other services to users, or send spam.

We strongly recommend that you should use the Platform to communicate with other users. If you use other means of communication you understand that you may be putting your personal contact information at risk of misuse. You also understand that any communications made outside of the Platform may impair your ability to recover all or some amounts owed to you in the event of a dispute between you and another user.

We are not responsible for, and disclaim all liability resulting from, any losses or harm to you resulting from sharing personal or sensitive information with other users, or communicating or engaging with users outside of the Platform.

StrollnSmile, at its sole option and without notice or any obligation to do so, may from time to time (i) remove communications among users which contain or share personal contact information, or (ii) suspend or terminate the accounts of users that share personal contact information.